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An Important Case


A man by the name of Myers from Carroll County, MD was convicted in Carlisle, PA of kidnapping three slaves. The case is "peculiar" and may lead to "unpleasant consequences" between the two states. Myers had taken the three Negroes from Cumberland Co., PA to Frederick, MD where they were claimed as runaway slaves and are still incarcerated. Two of the Negroes had been manumitted by the will of Elizabeth Warfield of Frederick Co., but later their freedom was to be taken away because the executor of her estate said there was insufficient money to cover her debts without selling the slaves. When they heard they would be sold, the two escaped to Pennsylvania and Myers was sent to apprehend them. The case is a very complex one and it appears Myers is being erroneously punished.

Article Source

Newspaper: The Valley Register

Publication Date: December 2nd, 1859

Page/Column: 2

Town: Middletown, MD

County: Frederick


  • African Americans