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Garret Smith Insane


The Hon. Gerritt Smith has been deemed insane since John Brown's insurrection at Harper's Ferry and has been committed to an insane asylum in Utica, NY. Apparently Mr. Smith had some connection with Brown and was apprehensive of being sent to Virginia to stand trial. He became very agitated and frantic and his friends felt he needed to be institutionalized. At the asylum he first refused to take medication. Although some feel that the connection with the John Brown Raid was the cause of his insanity, others say it was noticed before. The Rochester Express says that Gerrit Smith is in a pitiable state and feels responsible for the predicament of his friends.

Article Source

Newspaper: The Valley Register

Publication Date: November 18th, 1859

Page/Column: 2

Town: Middletown, MD

County: Frederick


  • John Brown's Raid