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Parson Brownlow Speaks


Letter from Parson Brownlow to Rev. Pryne, a former acquaintance and defender of John Brown. Brownlow accuses Pryne of being one of the "murderous and cowardly hypocrites" involved in the Harper's Ferry Insurrection under an assumed name. Brownlow concludes his letter by saying that if Pryne was not at Harper's Ferry in person, he was still aiding Brown and that the New York Governor will be called upon to send Pryne to Virginia. Brownlow speculates that he might be called upon to "administer to [Pryne] in his dying agonies."

Article Source

Newspaper: The Valley Register

Publication Date: November 11th, 1859

Page/Column: 1

Town: Middletown, MD

County: Frederick


  • John Brown's Raid