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Angela Kirkham Davis, memoir

in reference to 1861-1862

“In Funkstown, where we were living, the secession feeling was very strong and at times bitter…most of the citizens being Rebels…When the news of the surrender of Fort Sumter was received, there was great rejoicing among them and in order to celebrate the event an old cannon was seized, dragged out of town and fired six or seven times. They intended to give fifteen salutes, but stopping to come to town to take a drink. The Union boys seized the opportunity and spiked the cannon. Upon the return of the Rebels, it took them so long to remove the obstruction that they were obliged to be satisfied with a few shots.”


Name: Angela Kirkham Davis

Unit: N/A

Document Information

Type: Memoir


  • Civilian Support for the Confederacy
  • Civilian Support for the Union

Event Location: Funkstown, Washington Co., MD

Document Origin: N/A


Angela Kirkham Davis was a resident of Funkstown, Washington County, Maryland, during the time of the Civil War. In a lengthy letter written to her nieces, she described her wartime experiences.


Davis, Angela Kirkham, “War Remembrances,” Crossroads of War: Washington County, Maryland in the Civil War, ed. S. Roger Keller. Shippensburg, PA: Burd Street Press, 1997, 5-6.