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Robert Cruikshank, letter

June 30, 1863

“The people were out at their doors passing to the men as they ran by such provision as they had in their houses, with water. Ladies waved their handkerchiefs and cheered us on. Some were in tears and some in smiles. At the hotel a number had gathered and were singing patriotic songs. If I ever felt I wanted to fight the enemy it was here where those ladies were calling us to drive the Rebels back into Virginia where they belonged. Then, too, I remembered the patriotism of that state,- the thousands it had fed while going to the front and the care it had given to the sick and wounded returning to their homes. This all passed through my mind and I felt I wanted to meet them in this free, hospitable, patriotic state.”


Name: Robert Cruikshank

Unit: 123rd Regiment New York Infantry, Co. H

Document Information

Type: Letter


  • Civilian Support for the Union

Event Location: Littlestown, Adams Co., PA

Document Origin: Littlestown, Adams Co., PA


Robert Cruikshank to Mary Cruikshank. June 30, 1863. Transcribed by Barry Cruikshank. Columbus, OH: ehistory at the Ohio State University. Obtained from Accessed on February 9, 2010.