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Angela Kirkham Davis, memoir

in reference to 1861-1862

“A very handsome flag which we had at the front of our house was taken down one night, torn to shreds, and thrown all over the step and pavement…I have regretted many time that I did not save the pieces and sew them together and keep it as a souvenir…”


Name: Angela Kirkham Davis

Unit: N/A

Document Information

Type: Memoir


  • Civilian Support for the Confederacy

Event Location: Funkstown, Washington Co., MD

Document Origin: Funkstown, Washington Co., MD


Angela Kirkham Davis was a resident of Funkstown, Washington County, Maryland, during the time of the Civil War. In a lengthy letter written to her nieces, she described her wartime experiences.


Davis, Angela Kirkham, “War Remembrances,” Crossroads of War: Washington County, Maryland in the Civil War, ed. S. Roger Keller. Shippensburg, PA: Burd Street Press, 1997, 6.