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Josiah Marshall Favill, memoir

in reference to September 14, 1862

“… we marched out towards the South Mountains in which direction we heard the sullen sound of an occasional gun. We passed through Boonsboro, and began the ascent of the mountain, forming line of battle as we neared the gap, expecting to find the enemy in possession… we soon came upon several dead rebels, and as we approached the gap the ground was liberally strewn with them, lying behind rocks and boulders…We met with no opposition and descended the western slope, marching through Keedysville. As in Frederick City, here too, we were received with tumultuous cheering. All the inhabitants apparently, being in the streets, who showed their patriotism by serving out water, handkerchiefs, etc. They told us the rebels had been there and had taken all their provisions and horses and were now only a short distance in front of us.”


Name: Josiah Marshall Favill

Unit: 57th New York Infantry, Co. A, F, & H

Document Information

Type: Memoir


  • Civilian Support for the Union
  • Military/Battles

Event Location: Keedysville, Washington Co., MD

Document Origin: N/A


Favill, Josiah Marshall. The Diary of a Young Officer: Serving with the Armies of the United States During the War of the Rebellion. Chicago: R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co., 1909, 184.