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Josiah Marshall Favill, memoir

in reference to September 13, 1862

“…this morning [we] marched for Frederick City… As we entered the main street the drums sounded attention, and the troops marched in regular order, with bands playing and colors flying. We were received by open arms by the inhabitants, who crowded the streets and sidewalks, waving handkerchiefs, and showing every manifestation of delight. Women and girls ran into the ranks handing out water, pies, bouquets and handkerchiefs, and were beside themselves with joy. The crowd, indeed, was so great; that we had all we could do to keep our horses from stepping on them.”


Name: Josiah Marshall Favill

Unit: 57th New York Infantry, Co. A, F, & H

Document Information

Type: Memoir


  • Civilian Support for the Union

Event Location: Frederick City, Frederick Co., MD

Document Origin: N/A


Favill, Josiah Marshall. The Diary of a Young Officer: Serving with the Armies of the United States During the War of the Rebellion. Chicago: R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co., 1909, 183.