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Alex Cressler, letter

May 21, 1861

“Saturday was a day of interest and satisfaction to me having never seen the like before, when I cast my eyes along the line, which was formed along the one side of the street, with arms presented and beheld the field of bayonets elevated above the heads of thous-ands, and the Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which is the Key-stone of the Arch, moving steadily and silently along that line, with his penetrating eye firmly fixed upon them, and his countenance remaining unmoved and apparently speaking of the condition of the Country and the object for which so many sons of labor had been called together, I was led to exclaim, ‘who can tell what a day may bring forth.’"


Name: Alex Cressler

Unit: N/A

Document Information

Type: Letter


  • Civilian Support for the Union

Event Location: Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA

Document Origin: Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA


Alex Cressler to Henry Bitner. May 21, 1862. The Valley of the Shadow. Obtained from Accessed on February 8, 2010.