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Clayton Glanville Coleman, letter

September 19, 1862

“We or rather I was in Md ten days, during which time I was in Frederick City and Hagerstown. In the former county we were [received] with a good deal of kind feeling, but with not so much in the latter (Washington Co.), as that county had already furnished 14 companies to the Federal Army, 11 of which surrendered at Harpers Ferry.”


Name: Clayton Glanville Coleman

Unit: 23rd Regiment Virginia Infantry

Document Information

Type: Letter


  • Civilian Support for the Union
  • Civilian Support for the Confederacy

Event Location: Frederick City, Frederick Co., MD; Hagerstown, Washington Co. , MD

Document Origin: Winchester, Frederick Co., VA


Clayton G. Coleman served in the Virginia Infantry from 1861 to 1862 and in mid-1862 he became a physician in the confederate Medical Department.


Clayton Glanville Coleman to Lucy Coleman. September 19, 1862. Clayton Coleman Letters: Civil War Doctor in Winchester, Virginia, 1862. VMI Archives Manuscript #0021. Obtained from Accessed on February 8, 2010.