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Stephen H., Jr. Bogardus, letter

June 5, 1863

“I saw in one grave 100 rebels buried in this place [the Antietam battlefield], and the lady of the house said eight thousand soldiers, two thirds of which were Confederates, were buried on the farm. Her house was used for a hospital, the family being away in Pennsylvania, and everything it contained being ruined. The family returned on Friday after the battle, and where they left a home of comfort and ease, found it full of wounded and dying soldiers.”


Name: Stephen H., Jr. Bogardus

Unit: Purnell's Maryland Legion, Co. H

Document Information

Type: Letter


  • Hospitals/Medical Care
  • Impact on Civilians

Event Location: Sharpsburg, Washington Co., MD

Document Origin: Sharpsburg, Washington Co., MD


Stephen H. Bogardus, Jr. volunteered his services to the state of New York after attending a rally that was advertised in the Poughkeepsie Daily Eagle in 1861 - shortly after the beginning of the Civil War.


Stephen H. Bogardus to The Poughkeepsie Daily Eagle. June 5, 1863. Joel Gregory Craig, ed. Dear Eagle: The Civil War Correspondence of Stephen H. Bogardus, Jr.. Wake Forest: Sojourner Publishing, Inc., 2004.